Unexpected Challenges (1998)

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Unexpected Challenges (1998) Movie Description:
Title: Unexpected Challenges (1998)
Overview: Retired Win Kao used to be reknowned as the "Prince of Golf" for over a decade, but now suffers from financial hardship when his golf facilities store hits hard times. Reluctant to seek help because of his pride, he finally approaches strong career girl Jenny Wu after his economic situation hits the headlines in the local newspaper. Win blames Zsa-zsa for the story, the journalist who is dating his son Charles, and begins a campaign to separate them. But his son's relationship seems sincere and reminds him of his lost love with May, his childhood sweetheart who had committed suicide after she gets pregnant and her parents forbid their love.
Release: January 1, 1998
Language: Cantonese

Shu QiShu Qi
Zsa Zsa
Man On-Hung

Ling yu yu (1995) Movie Description:
Title: Ling yu yu (1995)
1h 31min | Drama | 1995 (Hong Kong)
Ratings: 4.4/10 based on 22
Genres: Drama
Keywords: golf, suicide, out of wedlock child, hong kong, father son relationship
Also Known As: Unexpected Challenges
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Passion, business, and family dynamics bring unexpected complications to four lives. —Anonymous
Win Kao, a golf pro turned tycoon and playboy, is short of cash and faces a hostile takeover engineered by Jenny Wu, a tough career woman. Win's leverage is undercut by a tell-all newspaper story probably written by Zsa Zsa, a lovely reporter who's dating Win's son Charlie. To save his business, Win invites Jenny to work with him, a prospect she considers because she finds him attractive. Charlie hopes to persuade Zsa Zsa to join him in graduate studies in the U.S. Just as Win has his past, so Zsa Zsa has a secret. Can these passions avoid collision? Will family tragedy repeat itself? —<[email protected]>

Chun-Hsiung KoChun-Hsiung Ko
Win Kao
Qi ShuQi Shu
Zsa Zsa
Lily LeeLily Lee
Jenny Wu
Ting Sheng Lin
Charlie Kao (as Ting Sang Lam)
Shiu-chang Chin
Ping-ying Hsu
Chung-wang WangChung-wang Wang
Directed by
On-Hung Man
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Ya-Jung Ku
On-Hung Man
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