So Cute (2004)

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So Cute 2004 description

So Cute (2004)

Jang Su-ro lives in the slums of Korea with his three sons 963, Dog Nose and So-and-So, who just got out of prison. While So-and-So's loyalties to his mob boss and biological family are put to the test when he...

AKA: Gwiyeowo

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A shaman named Jang Su-Ro has three sons, all by different mothers and all of same age. His first son is a deliveryman named 963. The second son is a truck driver named Gaeko, but nicknamed Dog Nose. The third son is a yakuza. The infamous "sex god" Jang Su-Ro no longer possess the sexual powers he once did, and is reduced to living pathetically with his sons. One day, Gaeko picks up a girl named Soony and presents her to his father. Jang Su-Ro and all his sons fall in love with her. The race is on to win her over.

Directed by: Kim Soo-hyeon


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