Slave Widow (1967)

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Slave Widow 1967 description

Slave Widow (1967)

After her husband's suicide, young and beautiful Mitsuko Fuji feels alone and helpless -- until one of her husband's major creditors, Mr. Kito, offers a sympathetic ear and a cancellation of all debts. However, Mitsuko soon learns that Kito's intentions are anything but pure, as she's forced to become his personal concubine. Her only, improbable hope for redemption lies with her one true admirer: Kito's very own son.

 Directed By: Mamoru Watanabe Assistant Director: Shigeru Aoyama

 Written By: Screenplay: Mamoru Watanabe

 Produced By: Executive Producer: Hisashi Nakata

 Released: 11 Jul 1967 (52 years ago)

 Runtime: 74 Mins

 Genre: Drama Romance

 Countries: Japan

 Languages: Japanese

Year: 1967

Directed: Mamoru Watanabe

Genre: Erotica

Runtime 1:14:11

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Colour: Black and White

Subtitles: English


Mari Iwai, Masayoshi Nogami, Naomi Tani, Noriko Tatsumi


After her husband kills himself, future prospects for the demure and beautiful Mitsuko Fuji look incredibly bleak. Fortunately, her dead husband's largest creditor, Mr. Kito, is there to offer a shoulder to cry on as he offers to settle all her debts. But, sure enough, Kito's charity comes with certain strings attached; namely that Mitsuko becomes his personal sex slave. Things become even more complicated when Kito's son Kazuhiko falls for the helpless widow, throwing into jeopardy his own marriage plans.

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