Slave of the Sword (1993) 01

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Slave of the Sword 1993 01 description

Slave of the Sword (1993)

During a period of upheaval, an itinerant performer has a troupe of four children, one of whom is his daughter Mu-Lin. Jump ahead 15 years, he's ready to retire and has arranged Mu-Lin's marriage. Someone he recognizes enters his house...

Director :

Chu Yen Ping

Action Director :

Lam Maan Cheung


Country : Hong Kong



Genre : Adult / Category 3 / Wu xia pian

HK Category : III

Runtime : 83 min.

Cast :

Pauline Chan Bo Lin

Jackson Lau Hok Yin

Max Mok Siu Chung

Joyce Ngai Suk Kwan

Chan Wai La

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