Shimokita GLORY DAYS (2006) Ep01

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Shimokita GLORY DAYS 2006 Ep01 description

Shimokita GLORY DAYS (2006)

Yuta, a ronin student, moves to Tokyo wishing to enter University. With no money, he moves into a share house filled with beautiful women. The story tells how Yuuta manages to keep himself at bay with all these girls and...

Title: Shimokita Glory Days

Video Source: by Ruroshin & eighteen

Subtitles Source: Epi 1-9 by taro , Epi 10-12 by Jeronz

Format: Avi

Genre: Comedy / Ero / Romance

Country of origin: Japan

Subtitles: English (Softsubs)

No. Of Episodes: 12


* Ichitaro as Ono Yuta

* Seto Saki as Tajima Minori

* Mashiko Rie as Muroi Chiho

* Honoka as Nishina Natsume

* Asami Yuma as Komori Miha

* Yabuki Haruna as Okazaki Kaori

* Hashimoto Manami as Uehara Mao

* Sugimoto Aya as Enoki Tsuyako

* Aoi Sora as Ichimonji Nozomi


* Shigemoto Eru

* Tayama Ryosei

Based on a Manga of the same name, Shimokita GLORY DAYS. The basic story line involves a guy running away from his responsibilites to the family business who tries to get into college to get a girl. The twist is he ends up staying in a house full of five exceptionally beautiful women, all of whom are constantly exciting him in some way.

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