Seymore Butts In Paradise (1994)

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Seymore Butts In Paradise 1994 description

Seymore Butts In Paradise (1994) First full feature with Shane


Seymore Butts In Paradise (1994) Shane, Nina, Devon Shire, Ron Jeremy, & Lady Paree. With and directed by Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts was an innovator and legend in the 1990's for his style and content. Though loosely scripted for the most part, his movies were shot in reality tv style before reality tv was a thing. Each one of his movies were an interconnected story and made the porn not only a turn on but very fun to watch which always made me anticipate the next title even more. His down to earth personality complimented his shooting style and made the viewer feel like you were a part of his life. Others tried to imitate his success but always fell short.

This is the first of the series that featured Seymore with Shane and the "Seymore & Shane" movies that followed were arguably the hottest in the series and would catapult the two to the top of the porn world only ending with the dissolution of their engagement only a few years later. Shane had a personality that was unquestionably cute and beautifully dirty. Combined with Seymores shooting style the two were electric. Enjoy!...and let me know if you would like to see more of their titles.

I Pick Shane Up At the airport and WOW! When I first laid eyes on her, well you'll know what I mean! anyway on the way back to my house. This incredibly sexy girl somehow talks me into talking a trip with her. Next thing you know we are on an airplane bound to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. After A traditional balcony bang, Shane leads me to a strip club in the middle of nowhere. That's where we meet nina, a long legged, big busted brunette, who grabs shane and brings her on stage. Dancing with Nina gets shane going and the next thing you know shane starts blowing me Right there in the club!! After shane is done with me, she sets her attention on Nina. Needless to say it doesn't take her long before Nina is agreeing to come back to our hotel with us. This is Nina's very first time on Camera, and only her second time being with a woman. Hell, I couldn't tell!! Both girls are very hot, but when shane turns to me and says quote "Give me the Camera Seymore, I want to watch you fuck her" I thought i was going to boil over! guess you could say this is my very first appearance on Camera too!! When we get back to L.A. Shane does off to find work. While I'm left to entertain Ron and Devon. Devon is a classy Brunette who transforms from Slightly nervous to blowing me and begging Ron to stick his cock up her ass!!! Great anal Action!!! Meanwhile Not only does Shane find a job, she awakens me to one of the wildest women i've ever met!! Wait until you meet Shane!! Enjoy.. I Did!! Seymore.

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