Seumusal (2001)

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Seumusal 2001 description

Seumusal (2001)

Highschool student Myeong-ju dreams of becoming an actress and begins sleeping with the equally young Seong-ho who wants to be a movie director. Myeong-ju is convinced its love, but Seong-ho is more interested in filming her naked. When Myeong-ju's mother...

Languages: Korean

Subtitles: English (hard subbed)

Running Time: 94 minutes

Also Known As:Twenty (International: English title) (literal title)

Parents Guide:Add content advisory for parents

Country:South Korea


Certification:South Korea:18

Precocious as a child, Myung-ju discovers sex at an early age. She dreams of a fresh start after she meets Seon-ho. Seon-ho pretends to be an aspiring filmmaker who uses Myung-ju to make a porno film. But when her mother finds them acting naked, Myung-ju run away from home.

Dong-woo cannot overcome his inferiority complex over the size of his %?$*@. He is constantly overshadowed by his lover and this only makes his impotence worse. But things change when he meets Myung-ju and regains his confidence. He then dumps his lover and moves in with Myung-ju. But their happiness is short lived when he finds out that Myung-ju is not the pure innocent girl as he thought...

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