Rica 3 Juveniles Lullaby 1973

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Rica 3 Juveniles Lullaby 1973 description

Rica 3: Juvenile's Lullaby (1973)

Reform schools are a way of protecting society by ridding it of lawless juvenile delinquents. But who's protecting the juvenile delinquents from corrupt reform schools? Rica (Rika Aoki) could be considered a bit of an expert on reform schools, having spent most of her early life in and out of them. When Rica is dragged back once again, she gets a severe beating and is finally sent off to a mental hospital with the intention of selling her and her pals into a slave trade. A trader takes Rica's friend Jun to a mountain cottage where she's pegged for the lead in his clandestine porno film operation. Once again, it's up to tough-as-nails Rica to bust up this corrupt racket once and for all!

 Directed By: Kôzaburô Yoshimura

 Written By: Original Story: Tarô Bonten Screenplay: Kaneto Shindō

 Released: 23 Jun 1973 (46 years ago)

 Runtime: 84 Mins

 Genre: Drama Action Comedy

 Countries: Japan

 Languages: Japanese

Films rated Category III contain explicit sex scenes, an accumulation of sexually or adult-oriented language, or scenes of excessive graphic violence. This rating, however does not signify that the film is obscene or pornographic.

AKA: Konketsuji Rika: Hamagure Komoriuta

Year: 1973

Directed: Kôzaburo Yoshimura

Genre: Exploitation

Runtime 1:25:27

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English srt


Rika Aoki, Jiro Kawarasaki, Taui Tonoyama, Kotoe Hatsui, Reiko Kasahara, Masami Souda, Yoshie Ichige, Eiko Fukazawa, Shoji Oki


Here's the wild conclusion of the Rica Trilogy, the series about the hooker with a zeal for sticking it to the man--or rather sticking it to men everywhere, especially those who prey on innocent women. Now it's time for her to experience reform school. Unfortunately for Rica it's the school that needs to be reformed, not the students. But when Rica and her classmates try to escape from their torment, the school's authorities don't punish them with detention; instead they sell them into the sex slave trade. It's time for Rica to do what she does best and settle the score with her street-fighting skills in this classic Pinky Violence joyride.

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