Rebekah (1996)

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Rebekah 1996 description

Alternate Titles: 藝壇照妖鏡之96應召名冊 yi tan zhao yao jing zhi ying shao ming ce

After the case of film industry "silver chicken", the entertainment circle again is rumored to have movie stars involved in prostitution. The notoriety of the "agent" in the rumors, Rebecca, began to spread. Although Rebecca trickily avoids the media's tail, but the media's unfair reports, the untrue comments, and her relatives and friends' ill treatment toward her made her experience how cold the world can be. In a rage, she decides to appear in person to expose the entire scandal.

 Directed By: Tony Ma Tin-Yiu

 Released: 16 Nov 1996 (23 years ago)

 Runtime: 87 Mins

 Genre: Comedy

 Countries: Hong Kong


Directed:Luo Huide (LAW Wai-Tak)

Li Huizhu

Cast:Cai Meilan

Wang Shuqi(WONG Shu Kei)

Qian Jun

Lin Shangyi(Spencer LAM Sheung-Yee)

Li Xuemin

Zeng Yuyan

Genre:Category III


Country:Hong Kong


Subtitles:Hard Eng/Chinese

Plot: Nightclub singer Rebecca, whose dynamite figure draws in far more customers than her decidedly limited vocal abilities. Rebecca really yearns to get into movies and impulsively signs a deal with agent Mandy .Desperate to get out of her contract, Rebecca agrees, instead, to become Mandy's assistant and learns that her boss is pimping various starlets to affluent clients. Happy with the easy money and light responsibilities the job entails, Rebecca soon experiences the downside of the procurement business: STDs, blackmailing triads, and foreign clients with bizarre demands. A psychotic admirer is also out to end her budding relationship with Meng.

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