Project Ginger (1985)

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Project Ginger 1985 description

Director: Bruce Seven

Cast :Bionca, Jennifer Noxx, Kari Foxx, Heather Wayne, Ginger Lynn, Marc Wallice, Troy Tannier, Rick Savage, Tom Byron

Ginger Lynn stars as a science project blow-up doll, who with the help of some secret lust potion and the spice ginger, becomes a living doll. The sex is better than average and the acting is okay. Rick Savage’s role as the mad scientist is the funniest performance I’ve seen in a movie like this in a long time. Also stars Kari Foxx and Jennifer Noxx.

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Heather Wayne, Rick Savage

Scene 2. Bionca, Marc Wallice

Scene 3. Ginger Lynn, Tom Byron

Scene 4. Kari Foxx, Jennifer Noxt, Troy Tannier

Scene 5. Jennifer Noxt, Tom Byron

Scene 6. Bionca, Ginger Lynn

Scene 7. Kari Foxx, Marc Wallice

Scene 8. Ginger Lynn, Jennifer Noxt, Tom Byron, Troy Tannier

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