Princess of the Night (1990)

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Princess of the Night 1990 description


Scene 1. Lauren Hall, James Lewis

Scene 2. Madison, Tony Montana

Scene 3. Heather Lere, Jamie Gillis

Scene 4. Madison, Tom Byron

Scene 5. Viper, Blake West, James Lewis, Joel Lawrence, Tom Byron, Tony Montana




Fred J. Lincoln (as F.J. Lincoln)


Vidco Entertainment


Lauren, Madison, and Jamie are all immortals living somewhere in the 'dark

world' where they must keep alive by drinking the blood of virgins.

Unfortunately, Jamie gives Lauren the bad news that their serum supply is

getting dangerously low.  But Lauren's not worried at all because Madison is

the newest addition to their family and the lithe young feline (vamp is more

like it) can easily charm her way in the real world and get as many virgins to

their hearts' desires.  Speaking of which, Madison comes home and presents a

man (James) for Lauren's pleasure, or better yet, for her entertainment.

Eyeing the male specimen, Miss Hall says, "So, tell me about yourself."  "Oh,

um.. he can't talk," says Madison.  Displaying some pity for him, Lauren asks,

"What's the matter?  Cat got his tongue?"  "No, he can't hear either.  He was

born that way," replies Madison.  She says that through sign language, he told

her he was a virgin (and in reality, James Lewis is deaf and mute.  Don't see

many guys like him in porn - and in his short career in front of the cameras,

he got to bone some fine starlets: in "Black Stockings" with Ashlyn Gere, in

"Club Head" with Heather Lere, and in "Zara's Revenge" with Zara Whites and

Tracy Winn - just to name a few examples.)  Anyhow, once Lauren has him all to

herself she says, "So.. you're a virgin.  Did you know that's the only kind of

meat I eat?  Virgin meat?" and they get into it.

The next day, we see Madison outdoors behind a building with a hispanic stud

(Tony) she picked up somewhere and they also screw around.  But afterwards at

home, in the evening, Jamie has a serious talk with her about James.  "The boy

you brought for Lauren..," he begins, "how did you test his virginity?"  "Oh,

I didn't.  I just asked him.  I mean, if I did it with him he wouldn't be a

virgin anymore now would he?" she smiles.  He explains to her, "If he does it

with one of us, he remains a virgin."  Dimwittedly, but as cute as ever,

Madison realizes, "Oh, okay!  That's how that works!"  Jamie continues by

informing her that if they drink tainted blood, they don't simply get sick the

way a mortal does with a cold or a flu.  They begin to lose their immortality

and could die almost instantly.  So he tells her to go to Lauren and see the

results of her error.  Madison gets the shock of her life when she heads

upstairs and finds Lauren in a very deformed and dying state (they actually

show somebody in a bed but it sure isn't Lauren Hall; however, the make-up job

they did was creepy enough.)  Looks like naughty boy James lied to Madison

(or, his fingers did anyways.)  Once she heads back downstairs to Gillis, he

asks her, "Well then, are you prepared to accept the consequences to your

actions?"  Nervously, she asks him, "You're gonna sacrifice me, aren't you?"

He says no, it would serve no purpose.  Lauren will require large quantities

of serum to be injected into her, so it's Madison's job to obtain all the

virgins herself and thoroughly test them this time (which involves having to

taste the guy's semen and also drink blood from him before finally handing the

body over to Lauren for the final procedure.)  So once Madison heads off on

her mission, Jamie has a little sexual indulgence (and serum consumption?) of

his own in the form of Heather Lere.  As for Madison, she wanders into a

school's shower room and seduces athlete (and virgin this time!) Tom Byron

after having watched him practice basketball.

Later that night, Jamie tells Madison that Lauren is too weak to extract the

blood from the bodies she snagged up for her.  The next step is to invite Miss

Hall's sister Viper over, from the 'other world', to help transfuse all that

serum (and of course, at the mention of her sister, we then switch over to

Viper getting it on with a few young 'virgins' of her own: and exactly why it

is only Viper who can do the final procedure is unknown; I guess only blood

relatives can make effective transfusions?)   Anyways, Jamie notifies Madison

that if Lauren happens to die, she'll become the new 'princess of the night'

(what about Viper?), but Mad's decided she doesn't want to be Hall's

successor.  Fortunately for the vampire clan, the transfusion is a suck-cess

(sorry) and they all toast Lauren's return to immortality with a hearty sip of

fresh virgin blood.  The end.

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