Pleasure Hunt (1984)

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Pleasure Hunt 1984 description

Fans of 80s superstar Ginger Lynn will love this fast-paced romp. She plays a woman who somehow comes across a map that\’s supposed to lead her to a cache of buried treasure. She sets out to follow the map to the hidden booty, but soon discovers that the map uses sex as clues to the treasure\’s location. Ginger\’s got to work her way through a whole host of horny guys and gals before she can lay her hands on the ultimate prize. Basically, this one is a tour-de-force for the always saucy Ms. Lynn, as she shimmies and shakes her sexy way to naughty nirvana. She\’s featured in just about every sex scene, which should really bring a smile to the faces of her fans — usually she only turned up for a scene or two in her videos. With her delectable all-natural body and her cute-as-a-button face, it\’s no wonder that Ginger was one of the 80\’s top stars. Watching this scorching video will tell you all you need to know about her tawdry talents and irresistible allure. The film also looks very nice, shot on 35mm film rather than videotape.

Cast: Ginger Lynn, Lili Marlene, Lynx Canon, Candy, Eric Edwards, Mike Horner, Hershel Savage, Blair Harris, Dan Mann, Jon Martin, John Seeman, Billy Dee, Don Fernando

Director: Lawrence Cole

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