Pink Lady (1992)

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Pink Lady (1992) Movie Description:
Title: Pink Lady (1992)
Overview: A depressing, sweet tale about the relationship between two former school girls that cannot survive in a strict, ignorant world.
Release: May 20, 1992
Language: Cantonese

Hitomi Okazaki
(as Mei Ki Lee)
Lei Hung Yip
Chan Lai-Hing
Sek-Lim Chan
Film director
Chan Yuen-Tat
Emotion Cheung
Cheung Siu
Chun Leung
Kant Leung
Norman Ng Siu-Ping
Carol Tam Suk-Mui
Veronica Tsoi
Ivy Wong
Kwok-Siu Wong
Terence Yung Ji-Chung
Otto Chan
Kirk Wong
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