Odyssey-The Ultimate Trip (1977)

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Odyssey The Ultimate Trip 1977 description


    Scene 1. Sharon Mitchell, Tony Mansfield

    Scene 2. Ellyn Grant, David Morris

    Scene 3. Nancy Dare, R. Bolla

    Scene 4. Samantha Fox

    Scene 5. Leonie Mars, Herschel Savage

    Scene 6. Linda Maidstone, Philip Marlowe

    Scene 7. Gloria Leonard, Victoria Corsaut

    Scene 8. C.J. Laing, Suzanne McBain, Vanessa del Rio, Bobby Astyr, Gilbert Palmitier, Wade Nichols

    Scene 9. Suzanne McBain, Peter Andrews


Duration: 01:18:16

Directed by: Gerard Damiano


This film is a compilation of three non-connected stories. Each story has a dark feel and deals with loss and resentment. The three segments are: ‘In The Beginning we are born’, ‘The Middle is called life’ and ‘In the End we die’. Odyssey is by legendary porn director, Gerard Damiano. It’s one of my favorites by him.

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