Misty Beethoven The Musical (2004)

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Misty Beethoven The Musical 2004 description

Misty Beethoven:  The Musical




Length:  2:07

Genre:  Parody, Musical, Oral, Facial, Anal, Double Penetration, Group, Handjob, Black, Asian, Lesbian

Director:  Veronica Hart

Cast:  Asia Carrera, Ava Vincent, Chloe, Ginger Lynn, Julie Meadows, Kelly Steele, Lezley Zen, Malitia, Mia Smiles, Michelle Lay, Misty Mason, Sunset Thomas, Venus, A. J., Barrett Blade, Chris Cannon, Dave Cummings, Dick Nasty, Evan Stone, Fred J. Lincoln, Hamilton Steele, J.T. Cannon, Mike Horner, Randy Spears, Trevor Zen, Tyce Bune,  

Scene 1. Chloe, Randy Spears

Scene 2. Ava Vincent, Chloe, Misty Mason, Venus, J.T. Cannon, Mike Horner, Randy Spears, Tyce Bune

Scene 3. Malitia, 2 guys

Scene 4. Sunset Thomas, Dave Cummings

Scene 5. Kelly Steele, Dick Nasty, Hamilton Steele

Scene 6. Julie Meadows, Chris Cannon, Trevor Zen

Scene 7. Mia Smiles, Randy Spears

Scene 8. Sunset Thomas, J.T. Cannon, Mike Horner, Tyce Bune

Scene 9. Lezley Zen, Randy Spears

Scene 10. Asia Carrera, Barrett Blade

Scene 11. Michelle Lay, Sunset Thomas

Scene 12. Sunset Thomas, Evan Stone

Scene 13. Chloe, Randy Spears

OK, what do you way to a movie that first starts with Randy Spears singing while getting a blowjob, then afterwards his cock starts to sing about how he is actually in charge!

OK, this is not actually a remake, but a sequal.  Randy Spears is Darren Daly, a bored billionaire, who is growing tired of the life of blowjobs and doing nothing.  So inspired by the advantures of the famous sexologisy Seymour Love, he decides he and his assistant (played by Chloe) will recreate the most famous feat of Dr. Love:  taking an unsexy streetwalker and turning her into the ultimate sex goddess.

After carousing the girls in a strip club, they find the new "Nadair of Sex", giving a handjob to Napoleon.  Misty Beethoven is the perfect example of an unsexy whore, so he has his work cut out for him.  He then takes her to another club to show her what hot sex is really like.

Then there is actually a melencholy scene, with Darren Daly meeting the retired Dr. Love (played by Fred J. Lincoln), who tells him how sad he has been since the love of his life had died 10 years prior (all while Darren gets a blowjob by Mia Smiles).

And of course what follows is Misty's education in sex, until the climax of the movie.

And every song is actually sung by the cast.  Quite silly, but also one of the better movies I have seen to have come out in years.  And if you have always said to yourself "Gee, I would really like to hear Randy Spears' cock sing", then this is the movie for you!

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