Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan (1984)

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Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan (1984) Movie Description:
Title: Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan (1984)
Overview: Former wife of Chow Yun Fat, Candice Yu On-on stars in this gauzy softcore flick directed by Chor Yuen. Chun (Yu) is a high-class society woman who secretly dabbles in every sort of vice, from arranging murder to kidnapping young girls to serve as sex slaves for her brothel. One such lass is the beautiful Ai-nu, who manages to fight her way out of getting gang raped by Chun's minion. When she is recaptured, she promptly kills one of her first customers. Ai-nu's spunk intrigues Chun, prompting her to not only cover up the lass' crime but also seduce her as well. Detective Ling Yun (Alex Man Chi-leung) soon suspects something is amiss and begins investigating Chun's brothel over the objections of his superiors. When Ai-nu falls for Yun, Chun orders her lackey/lover Yeh to kill him. Instead, he tries to seduce Ai-nu himself. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi
Release: September 20, 1984
Language: Cantonese
Genres: Drama

Candice YuCandice Yu
Ms. Chun
Nancy Hu Guan-ChenNancy Hu Guan-Chen
Ai Nu
Chang Kuo-ChuChang Kuo-Chu
Xiao Ye
Alex Man Chi-LeungAlex Man Chi-Leung
Ling Yun
Walter Tso Tat-Wah
Old widower
Chu Tit-Wo
Ju San
Lee Hoi-Sang
Ju San's brother
Yuen Bun
Ju San's fourth brother
Yuen WahYuen Wah
Ju San's brother
Cheng MiuCheng Miu
Mr. Lee
Chan Shen
Officer Fu
Ng Wui
Chor Yuen
Mona Fong
Chor Yuen

Ai nu xin zhuan (1984) Movie Description:
Title: Ai nu xin zhuan (1984)
1h 28min | Drama | 20 September 1984 (Hong Kong)
Ratings: 6.2/10 based on 65
Genres: Drama
Keywords: topless female nudity, wuxia, stabbed in the crotch, stabbed in the head, female whipping
Also Known As: Confissões Íntimas de uma Cortesã Chinesa
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
Ai Nu is forced to work in Madam Chun's Merryland brothel. She is unwilling at first, but soon learns what to do to survive. —Anonymous

On-On YuOn-On Yu
Chun (as An-An Yu)
Kuan-Chen HuKuan-Chen Hu
Ai Nu (as Koon-Jan Woo)
Kuo-Chu ChangKuo-Chu Chang
Xiao Ye (as Kuo-Chu Chang)
Alex ManAlex Man
Ling Yun (as Chih-Liang Wan)
Shen ChanShen Chan
Officer Fu
Kuo Hua ChangKuo Hua Chang
Lien-Ping Chang
Szu-Ying ChienSzu-Ying Chien
Tien-Chu ChinTien-Chu Chin
Miao ChingMiao Ching
Tat-Wah ChoTat-Wah Cho
Old Man in House
Tiet Wo ChuTiet Wo Chu
Hoi Sang LeeHoi Sang Lee
Bald Swordsman
Ta LeiTa Lei
Hung Lu
Wui NgWui Ng
Sha-Li Pai
Lao ShenLao Shen
Kang Shih
Ailen Sit
Mi TienMi Tien
Chor Lam Tsang
Elvis TsuiElvis Tsui
Han Chen WangHan Chen Wang
Leng-Kuang Yin
Bun YuenBun Yuen
Wah YuenWah Yuen
Swordsman in white
Directed by
Yuen Chor
(as Chu Yuan)
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Yuen Chor
(as Chin Yu)
Produced by
Mona Fong
Music by
Chin Yung Shing
Chen-Hou Su
Film Editing by
Cho-Wen Chao
Chung Yiu Ma
(as Chung-Yao Ma)
Shao Feng Yu
Art Direction by
Kam-Kong Wong
Production Management
Ka Hee Wong
production manager
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Chuan-Tsan Chang
assistant director
Sound Department
Ping Kuang Hsu
sound recordist
Lan Li
dubbing editor
Bun Yuen
action coordinator
Wah Yuen
action coordinator
Music Department
Kwok-Jim Lo
Other crew
Run Run Shaw
Po-Nan Wen
production coordinator
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