Loves of Lolita (1984)

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Loves of Lolita 1984 description


Angel West [Anal Facial]

Kristara Barrington (as China Lee) [Facial]

Crystal Breeze (as Crystal Blue)

Karen Summer


Dan T. Mann (as Doug Bennett)

Duane Thomas

Jay Serling

Jimmy Starr

Don Fernando (as Ron Gomez)

Steve Powers

Tracy Jones (as Tracy Dugan)

Loves Of Lolita 1984


Leon Gucci

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Angel West, Jay Serling

Scene 2. Angel West, Jimmy Starr

Scene 3. Angel West, Steve Powers, Tracy Jones

Scene 4. Angel West, Duane Thomas

Scene 5. Kristara Barrington, Don Fernando

Scene 6. Karen Summer, Dan T. Mann

Scene 7. Angel West, Karen Summer

Scene 8. Angel West, Crystal Breeze, Jay Serling

Infamous epic dealing with every aspect of taboo relationships and forbidden sex. Could never be made today! Young Angel West is perfect in the Lolita role.

Angel West as Lolita fits the bill: she looks underage, and untalented filmmaker Leonard Kirtman as "Leon Gucci" exploits that fact. Despite the big opening disclaimer that the cast is the proper age, this is all about feeding the pederast segment of the adult market.

Lolita's misadventures including humping with a Tim Curry lookalike named Jimmy (attention: RH fans); having a lesbian dalliance with best buddy Karen Summer; experimenting with two guys at once, and doing plenty of spying on other folks. Zebedy Colt receives a film editor credit, but none of his interesting if weird antics are present.

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