Little Girls Blue 2 (1983)

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Little Girls Blue 2 1983 description


Lori Blue, Marium Kester, laine Wells, Kathleen Kristel, Shirly Duke, Carl Lincoln, Kevin James, Roger Dwarsky, Fleming Larson, Herschel Savage, Vance Carlson, Dusty Dreams, Frank Buffdurm, Lisa Waller, Linda Filler, Maggie Sinclair, Trisha Ingle, Michael James


Released for the summer from the confines of a strict boarding school, a bevy of young finishing-school lovelies are transplanted to a summer camp full of randy counselors and shady thickets perfect for brushing up on human anatomy and comparative sexual analysis. The girls quickly work their way through the team of counselors. The sex is sleazy, free, fast and loose - and brings back a time when the only people who even thought of using condoms were those whose girls weren't on the pill.

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