Lady Ninja Reflections of Darkness (1996)

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Lady Ninja Reflections of Darkness 1996 description

Lady Ninja: Reflections of Darkness (1996)

A sexy squad of female ninja assassins is hired by a ruthless magistrate to exterminate his former lovers, who threaten to ruin his reputation. Battles erupt with a hilarious mix of martial arts and magic--all in the line of duty.

Set in the Edo period, LADY NINJA evokes a mystical time gone by, where bizarre magic and sexual excess are commonplace, but still considered taboo. Here, the emperor Tokugawa Shogun Yoshimune, a man greatly respected for his political ability, has many mistresses, who are proving to be too potentially embarrassing for his Empire. However, it may be too late as one of Yoshimune's rivals has already set about exposing the emperor's sexcapades in order to discredit him. One of the emperor's advisors, thinking that if these mistresses can't be found, then there is no proof they existed, dispatches a band of female ninjas to kill off Yoshimune's secret lovers. Truly bizarre and a bona-fide Asian cult-classic, LADY NINJA is an ideal blend of martial arts, surrealism, sex, and comedy.


Directed by:Masaru Tsushima

Genre:Action Drama

Runtime:79 min


Language:English Dub

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