Illicit Desire 1973

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Illicit Desire 1973 description

Illicit Desire (1973)

Tang Dynasty emperors, Ming Dynasty scholars, assorted fortunetellers, and several Buddhist monks figure in a trio of erotic and mystical Chinese legends.

aka Fung lau wan si, Feng liu yun shi

Episode 1) Unique Writing - "Lan Ting Card"

Episode 2) Unique Book "Hui Lian"

Episode 3) Unique Technique - The little Fairy

AKA: Fung lau wan si, Feng liu yun shi

Year: 1973

Directed: Li Han-Hsiang

Genre: Erotica/Cat III/Drama

Runtime: 100 mins

Country: Hong Kong

Language: Mandarin

Subtitles: English



Yueh Hua ... 1) Hsiao I

Cheng Miu ... 1) Monk Pien Tsai

Fang Mian ... 1) Fang Xuan-Ling

Kwan Yan ... 1) monk

Liu Wai (1) ... 1) abbot

Li Min-Lang ... 1) station chief

Ricky Hui Koon-Ying ... 1) prince

Lo Dik ... 1) Emperor

Lam Wai-Tiu ... 2) Wang Shi-Zen

Lee Pang-Fei (1) ... 2) Tang Jing-Chuan

Peter Yang Kwan ... 2) Zhimen Qing

Lau Dan (1) ... 2) Lai Wang

Lily Chen Ching ... 2) Hui-Lian

Woo Gam ... 2) Pan Jin-Lian (wife #5)

Teresa Ha Ping ... 2) Sun Xue-Bo (wife #4)

Tanny Tien Ni ... 2 ) Li Ping-Erh (wife #6)

Cheng Kang-Yeh ... 2) Chen Chin-Chi

Shum Lo ... 2) Song Ren

Law Hon ... 2) judge

Illicit Desire is another erotic costume drama from Li Han Hsiang, an adaptation from the same source -- The Golden Lotus, as seen also in (unsurprisingly) The Golden Lotus and The Tiger Killer. He even uses some of the same actors, with Tanny Tien Ni, Hu Chin and Chen Ping also in this one.

This film's a little different, though. It's essentially three separate stories, with a common theme of covetousness and a period drama setting being all that links them together. The first tells of a government official (Hsiao I, played by Yueh Hua) trying to obtain the famous "Orchid Pavilion Preface", a piece of particularly fine calligraphy by Wang Hsi-chih. He's authorized by the emperor (who collects Wang's works) to obtain it by any means necessary, including trickery and theft, from its current owner -- a monk named Pien Tsai, who denies having it to the emperor himself.

Our second story is taken from The Golden Lotus, and deals with a small segment of the life of noted wealthy playboy Ximen Qing and his bevy of wives. Inside his domain, adultery, trickery and corruption are rife. When Ximen sets his roving eyes on one of his vassals' wives, nothing seems to be able to stop him, no matter how brazenly he organizes her husband's downfall. Unlike The Golden Lotus, this is quite a short segment of the story, almost a vignette.

Finally we have a short, simple tales that deals with the stealing of one's neighbours' cows and the duplicity of fortune tellers -- this piece stars Shaws stalwart Ku Feng, who seems to have a lot of fun (despite, or perhaps because of, a long-running laxative joke worthy of an 80s comedy!) Also visiting the fortune teller is a man who thinks his wife is having an affair, but despairs of ever catching the adulterer. What follows is a closed-room comedy, with much bathing and hiding in cupboards and so forth.

It's an interesting series of stories, and doubtless was popular at the time not least for rather a lot of partial nudity from Chen Ping and Marisa in the final two-thirds. The stories are all quite short, so there's not a lot of room for complicated character development, though -- this may be mitigated if you know the original texts that are being adapted. I thought the first third was the strongest, though its 'illicit desire' quotient is far less steamy than the other two. Yueh Hua's character of the duplicitous government official is well played, as he poses as a simple scholar and befriends the old monk, all the time plotting to steal the monk's prized possession. Ku Feng's great fun in his segment too, arguing with his wife about his cows and their marriage.

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