House Gory (2005)

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House Gory 2005 description

House Gory (2005)

In this erotic horror tale, sadistic Lord Rama Vera showers favors on his beautiful slaves. Unfortunately, they must deal with the wrath of his jealous wife who, twisted by her inablility to bear him a child, tortures the Lord Rama's...

Year: 2005

Directed: Jarin Vongraen.

Genre: Erotica / Horror

Runtime 1:36:21

Country: Thailand

Language: Thai

Subtitles: English / Chinese


Chutima Avery, Jarin Vongraen


In this sadistic horror tale set in ancient Thailand, Lord Rama showers favors and affection on his many young concubines -- a policy that doesn't sit well with his jealous wife. Unable to bear Lord Rama a child, his bitter wife is determined to punish all those who are able to deliver what she cannot. Thavachai Minmukda and Chutima Avery star in this erotic chiller

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