Hera Purple (2001)

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Hera Purple 2001 description

Hera Purple (2001)

Through her dreams, a middle-aged woman murders those responsible for her rape.

Contain explicit sex scenes. Intended for Mature Audiences

A woman troubled by vague anxiety consults a psychiatrist. To obtain a faster diagnosis, he uses hypnotism. This results in what is for the audience an extensive series of homicidal sex fantasies. How much of them could possibly be real? Meanwhile, a team of detectives (with funny personalities and "morgue" humor) is investigating a series of very strange murders that seem to parallel the woman's "fantasies". This is just good fun, until they appear to be closing in on their quarry. Hera Purple and reality don't mix well and things start to get scary. By the third act horror is taking over. The whole thing is well made and executed (compare "Orgy of the Dead"). Could confuse children but very entertaining for adults.

Runtime:89 min | USA:93 min

Country:South Korea


Sound Mix:Stereo

Certification:South Korea:18 | Singapore:(Banned)

Subtitle: English, Traditional Chinese(the chinese sub file is there but wasnt working on my system hope it works on yours)

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