Gigolo Club (1993)

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Gigolo Club 1993 description

AKA: Duck Of One Race

Year: 1993

Directed: Hoh Lok

Genre: Erotica

Runtime 1:33:14

Country: Hong Kong

Language: Cantonese

Subtitles: English / Chinese


Ruby WONG Cho Yi

Grace WONG Wai


LEE Ka-Ting


Raymond FUNG


A ambitious young man sets off to make his first million in a gigolo club. [from the Tai Seng Catalog] Wing is a hairdresser whose boss is gay, but he certainly isn't. When a cute young babe gives him a full-on view of her knickers, Wing fantasises about her, causing to get so hard that he pounds the head of the woman whose hair he is shampooing. This woman runs a gigolo club, and invites him to join. Wing is helped (sort of) by the other guys, led by muscleman Wai Man. We also meet two of the club's regular clients. One is a busty young woman (comparable size to Amy Yip) whose private parts reek. The other is a fishmonger, who uses eels for, er, unusual purposes before selling them. Wing is favoured by the lusty mistresses of old Mr Lo. This lady convinces Wing to seduce Lo's daughter Millie, in a scheme to gain Lo's money. But they fall in love...

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