Flirting (1988)

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Flirting (1988) Movie Description:
Title: Flirting (1988)
Overview: Legendary writer/television host/film producer Chua Lam produced the 1988 erotic drama Flirting, starring Alex Man, Ng Siu Gong, pink film actress Aoki Yuko, and Maria Yuen. A morality tale about carnal desire and betrayal, Ng stars as Sai, a rural villager who leaves his young wife behind and goes to Hong Kong to find work. He shares an apartment with best friend Choi (Alex Man), a rough womanizer who goes to Thailand and brings home new Thai wife Aoki (Aoki Yuko). As Sai is forced to hear Choi and Aoki having sex next door every night, his own desire escalates to the point where he starts to spy on the newly married couple. When Choi can't even keep down his womanizing ways in the presence of his wife, Aoki goes to Sai for consolation. However, the two are unable to hold their desires any longer, beginning a steamy affair that may lead to fatal consequences.
Release: September 16, 1988
Language: Cantonese
Genres: Drama

Alex Man Chi-LeungAlex Man Chi-Leung
Yûko Aoki
Ng Siu-Gong
Maria Yuen Chi-WaiMaria Yuen Chi-Wai
Ou-Yang Sha-FeiOu-Yang Sha-Fei
Wong Kwok-Wai
Kwok Siu
Yee Suk
Chan King-Sam
Art Direction
Andy Lee Yiu-Gwong
Art Direction
Cho Wai-Kei
Director of Photography
Wong Kwok-Wai
Assistant Director
Wong Wai-Sum
Assistant Director
Lee Tai-Hang
Chua Lam
Lai Git

Tiu ching (1988) Movie Description:
Title: Tiu ching (1988)
Ratings: 6.0/10 based on 10
Genres: Drama
Also Known As: Provoke Love
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese

Alex ManAlex Man
Maria Jo
Yûko Aoki
Lien-Ping Chang
Shih-Ou ChangShih-Ou Chang
Hung Chen
Yung-Chang Ho
Kuo-Wei Huang
Shao Kuo
Siu Gong Ng
Sha-Fei OuyangSha-Fei Ouyang
Tien Tsai Wei
(as Tin-Choi-Ngai)
Shao-Kang Wu
(as Hsiao-Kang Wu)
Directed by
Tai-Hung Lee
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Kit Lai
Produced by
Lam Chua
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