Escape from Brothel (1992)

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Escape from Brothel (1992) Movie Description:
Title: Escape from Brothel (1992)
Overview: Hung and Ann are down-on-their luck prostitutes trapped in Hong Kong. Pauline's boyfriend, Sam, back in China, who is under the impression that she is away working at a factory, is double-crossed by Billy Chow, and while looking to escape; flees for Hong Kong and winds up at the Brothel where Pauline is employed. He is crushed when he finds out the truth, but by this point, everyone involved on all sides is too deeply involved to turn back. This is the type of movie that could only come from HK. It combines plenty of gory fighting, romance, violent A great scenes and comedy, all into one. A grand finale, where those who haven't already been killed fight it out on a construction site. In summary; heaps of sex and violence-has a few great bits, but not recommended for the weak-hearted.
Release: February 29, 1992
Language: Cantonese
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Keywords: female martial artist

Pauline Chan Bo-Lin
Rena MurakamiRena Murakami
Alex FongAlex Fong
Sam Ma
Billy ChowBilly Chow
Billy Ho
Jamie Luk Kim-Ming
Stuart Ong
Mr Chou
William Ho Ka-KuiWilliam Ho Ka-Kui
Inspector Chan
Billy Ching Sau-Yat
Cross Dresser
Pak YanPak Yan
Sophia Crawford
Con Artist
Lam Shung-Ching
Yau Gwok-Keung
Tony Tam Chun-To
Wan Seung-Lam
Yiu Man-Kei
Hung San-Nam
Benny Lai Keung-Kuen
Cheung Kwok-Wah
Simon Lui Kwok-Foo
Art Direction
Ray Wong Chi-Wai
Director of Photography
Costume & Make-Up
Ma Kam-Shim
Costume Design
Hung San-Nam
Action Director
Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
Fong Bo-Wa
Hung Leung-Tak
Jamie Luk Kim-Ming

Faa gai kwong ban (1992) Movie Description:
Title: Faa gai kwong ban (1992)
1h 37min | Action, Crime, Drama | 29 February 1992 (Hong Kong)
Ratings: 5.5/10 based on 142
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Keywords: carnage, martial arts master, violence, gun sau, female nudity
Also Known As: Escape from Brothel
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Hung's lover Sam doesn't know that Hung is actually a hooker. He gets involved with a jewelry store robbery and has to hide at Hung's house for a while. Hung tries to hide her profession from Sam, this is where the truth starts unfolding. —Movie Guy

Alex FongAlex Fong
Pauline ChanPauline Chan
Rena MurakamiRena Murakami
Jamie LukJamie Luk
Ka-Kui HoKa-Kui Ho
Inspector Chan
Sophia CrawfordSophia Crawford
Con Artist
Sai-Kit YungSai-Kit Yung
Shung Ching Lam
Man on the Boat
Directed by
Lung Wei Wang
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Jamie Luk
Produced by
Leung Tak Hung
Cinematography by
Chi Wai Wong
Film Editing by
Bao-Hua Fang
Art Direction by
Gwok Fu Lui
San Lam Hung
action coordinator
Costume and Wardrobe Department
Kam-Sim Ma
costume supervisor
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