Erotic Passion (1992)

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Erotic Passion 1992 description

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Erotic Passion (1992) Movie Description:
Title: Erotic Passion (1992)
Overview: Yuen Shang is trying to kill tough guy Ting Sai Hung, because he killed her father. But Yuen's attempt is foiled by recently-reincarnated Shum Key. Ting then hires Key as a bodyguard, but Key's entry to the Ting household causes problems. Ting's daughter Carrie is mad about Key, but Key is hot for Ting's pretty wife Cindy. And Horse, one of Ting's henchman, spends lots of time trying to get on with Carrie and repel Key. Inbetween all this, Ting finds a nightclub dancer who "drives his dicky wild", Tong Yan. He invites Tong to be his concubine, not knowing she is Yuen Shang's cousin, and bent on helping to bump off Ting.
Release: January 1, 1992
Language: English
Genres: Action

Lily Lee Lee-Lee
Tong Yan
Shum Wai
Shum Key

Yan long yap sat (1993) Movie Description:
Title: Yan long yap sat (1993)
1993 (Hong Kong)
Ratings: 5.5/10 based on 8
Also Known As: Erotic Passion
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese

Lily LeeLily Lee
Rena OtomoRena Otomo
Takajo Fujimi
Hung Kong
Fei-Lik Ling
Chi Tak Liu
Sha-Li Pai
Wai ShumWai Shum
Tong Suen
Pan Pan YeungPan Pan Yeung
Directed by
Lau Chan
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Raymond Si
Produced by
Hank Lai
Cinematography by
Ying-Tat Lee
Film Editing by
Kwok-Wing Leung
Production Management
George Lai
production manager
Other crew
Hank Lai
Wing-Chan Leung
planner (as Vincent Leung)
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