Erotic Agent II (2003)

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Erotic Agent II 2003 description

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Erotic Agent II (2003) Movie Description:
Title: Erotic Agent II (2003)
Overview: Tin Gin and Ming Li were a poor couple living happily in a village. Tin Gin found an ancient box while he was cutting wood in the forest. Tin Gin brought the box home and opened it. A beautiful genie was released and granted them 3 wishes every month. All they can think of were some stupid wishes (related to sex of course). Tam and Kam Chi were a rich couple living in the same village. They heard about the box and stole it. Tam used their 3 wishes to be the master of the village and all villagers to work for him; and all women to be his sex slaves…
Release: January 1, 2003
Language: Cantonese
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

Bessie ChanBessie Chan
Immortal wizard
Co Co Chow Ka-YuCo Co Chow Ka-Yu
Kam Chi
Chang Chung WaiChang Chung Wai
Tin Gin
Le Rong-RongLe Rong-Rong
Ming Li
Lau Man-Tung
Jue Mei-Hung
Art Direction
Costume & Make-Up
Kuen Che
Costume Design
Wong Koon-Wa
Kai Man
Dick Lau Tik-Chi
Hok-Min Sit
Fu Wa
Production Manager

Erotic Agent II (2003) Movie Description:
Title: Erotic Agent II (2003)
1h 22min | Fantasy, Romance | 2003 (Hong Kong)
Ratings: 5.1/10 based on 9
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Keywords: sex slave, thin woman, chinese woman, genie, horny
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
When a poor man discovers a box in the woods he carries it home only for his wife and he to discover it carries the powers of a genie who grants them three wishes at a time. They request sexual wishes to be granted until, hearing of the wonderful box, a rich man steals it and uses the genie to grant him again sexual favours and powers. The area folk are his to command and the women in the area are all his erotic servants and slaves now. —aghaemi

Bessie Ming-Kwan ChanBessie Ming-Kwan Chan
Immortal wizard (as Ming Kwan Chan)
Ka Yu Chow
Kam Chi
Chan Chung-WaiChan Chung-Wai
Tin Gin
Rong Rong Le
Ming Li
Lau Man-Tung
Directed by
Dick Lau
(as Dick Lau Tin-Sze)
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Kai Man
Produced by
Hok-Min Sit
Cinematography by
Wong Koon-Wa
Film Editing by
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