Don't Tell My Partner (1997)

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Don t Tell My Partner 1997 description

Also Known As:

Tau Ching Nam Nui (Hong Kong Cantonese Title)

Steal Love Man Woman (Alternate English Title)

Year: 1997

Country: Hong Kong

Director: Otto Chan

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Erotic

Runtime: 91 min

Language: Cantonese

Subtitles: English


Cast Jimmy Wong, Rebecca Tong, Raymond Cho, Madoka Osawa, Ben Ng

Synopsis/ Plot

The story of two friends and their different attitudes to women. Keith works in advertising and wants to marry his longtime girlfriend Wai but she is more intent on furthering her career as a photographer. His best friend David, a hairdresser, fools around and wants him to do the same and not be faithful to his girlfriend. When Keith is rebuffed by Wai, he is readily seduced by the new girl in the office Nancy. Meanwhile David falls for An An Yu but due to a misunderstanding with her brother he is warned to stay away. Things complicate and Keith becomes jealous of David whom he suspects of playing around with both Wai and Nancy. Inevitably their relationships with women suffer and they get their just dessert.

Although this film is rated CAT III, it's not your typical brainless sexual romp. It actually has a story with your typical Hong Kong Movie comedy with some likable characters. This video has great quality over previous releases.

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