Dances with the Snakes (1992)

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Dances with the Snakes (1992) Movie Description:
Title: Dances with the Snakes (1992)
Overview: In medieval China, three sexy serpentesses need the essence of virgin males to defeat the evil Yinsan Monster, so they go on a quest which leads them to an inn occupied by an impotent landlord and a western Christian missionary with revitalising properties.
Release: January 1, 1992
Language: Cantonese
Genres: Fantasy

Tsui Man-Wah
Yau Yuk-Yue
Fan Lai Chau
Lee Chung-Ling
Dick WeiDick Wei
Charlie ChoCharlie Cho
Chai Hon
Wong Wing-Gwan
Lee Gin-Hing
Cheng Keung
Tsang Kong Hwa
Original Music Composer
Chan Ta
Sound Effects
Steven Siu Ging-Gaai
Sound Mixer
Siu Wing

Tou se yi hung mou (1992) Movie Description:
Title: Tou se yi hung mou (1992)
Comedy, Fantasy
Ratings: 4.8/10 based on 26 | X
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Keywords: nudity, sex, snake, three headed creature
Also Known As: Dances with the Snakes
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Summaries: Some snake-ghosts disguised as women need to suck "air" from strong men in order to survive. A monster is chasing them and there is lots of nudity and a bizarre bit of naked oil-"wrestling" —lament

Man Wah TsuiMan Wah Tsui
Eldest sister
Yuk Yue Yau
Younger sister
Lai Chau Fan
Chung Ling LeeChung Ling Lee
Dick WeiDick Wei
Charlie ChoCharlie Cho
Herman Tin
Hon-Chai Tang
Robert Cheung
Hon Chai Kwok
Shun Jun Wong
Directed by
Kein-Hing Lee
Produced by
Tak-Leung Wong
producer (as Sunny Wong)
Production Management
Chang Ma
production manager
Sound Department
Dei Chan
sound effects editor
Sze-Ping Chou
dubbing editor: mandarn
Ging-Kai Siu
sound mixer
Other crew
Shun Jun Wong
action choreographer
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