Boys Love The Movie (2007)

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Boys Love The Movie 2007 description

Boys Love The Movie (2007)

Aoi, a young teacher with striking good looks, has just learned that his newest student Sora is the alluring teen prostitute he once hired. Here the nightmare begins. As the walls of the prestigious academy become a percolating hotbed of...

Created in response to the commercial success of 2006's Boys Love, director Kotaro Terauchi and star Yoshikazu Kotani teamed up again in 2007 for a new version of Boys Love. The second film had a completely new story, and all new cast but main star Kotani.

AKA: boisu rabu 2 [cinema edition]

Year: 2007

Genre: Drama/Shounen-Ai

Runtime: 117 min

Country: Japan


Subtitles: English



Kairu Aoi (Yoshikazu Kotani) teaches at a prestigious boarding school. One day, after a falling out with his girlfriend, he meets a young guy who provides him comfort and consolation during his time of need. Soon after that, a new student, Sora (Atsumi Kanno), transfers into his class, and is the same boy he had encountered before. Kairu tries to put the past behind him and keep their relationship a secret, but Sora is not about to let go easily.

(from Wikipedia)


-Yoshikazu Kotani as Kairu Aoi

-Atsumi Kanno as Sora Amakami

-Yuuki Kawakubo as Ichiyou Mizuki

-Kazunori Tani as Riku Hanazono

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