Black Magic (1993)

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Black Magic (1993) Movie Description:
Title: Black Magic (1993)
Overview: Jade seems happily married but he starts having nightmares about hopping corpses, followed by psychotic episodes, which cause him to kill his wife and then any romantic interests that follow. He's then hounded by the ghosts of his victims.
Release: January 1, 1993
Language: Cantonese
Genres: Horror, Comedy
Keywords: ghost

Charlie ChoCharlie Cho
Master Jade
Tsui Man-Wah
Ku FengKu Feng
General Lee
Eva Lai Yin-ShanEva Lai Yin-Shan
Choi Jeong-Il
White Beard Taoist
Wang Meng-Li
Yuen Sam
Law Kei

See goo yim tam (1993) Movie Description:
Title: See goo yim tam (1993)
1h 25min | Horror | 1993 (Hong Kong)
Ratings: 3.9/10 based on 14
Genres: Horror
Also Known As: Black Magic
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese

Charlie ChoCharlie Cho
Master Jade
Jeong-il ChoiJeong-il Choi
Taoist (as Jing Yat Chui)
Feng KuFeng Ku
General Lee
Yin San LaiYin San Lai
Tin Ma
Man Wah TsuiMan Wah Tsui
Mang Lai Wong
Shen YuenShen Yuen
Directed by
Chi Lo
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Chi Lo
Produced by
Chung-Tsun Liu
producer (as Chung Chuen Lau)
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