An Unnatural Act (1984)

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An Unnatural Act 1984 description

Country: USA

Language: English

Studio: Dreamland Entertainment

Director: Tim McDonald

Starring: Kristara Barrington, Pamela Jennings, Ginger Lynn, Tanya Lawson, Crystal Sheldon, Desiree Lane, Misty Regan, Bridgette Monet, Kimberly Carson, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, John Leslie.

Description: Michael is a struggling musician who’s in love with Teri, a not so struggling actress. Driving to a gig one night, after a short but extremely sweet visit with Teri, Michael is run off the road and killed. An end to a beautiful relationship…or is it? Two months later, just when Teri begins to resume her life (and love life). Michael returns…as a ghost. His attempts to win her back lead him to a variety of sensuous situations, such as: lending a helping hand to two female tennis players in the massage room, giving Teri’s roommate a wet dream she’ll never forget, and making the hottest dominatrix in town do her unnatural best for his closest friend.

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Desiree Lane, John Leslie

* Scene 2. Misty Regan, Eric Edwards

* Scene 3. Eric Edwards

* Scene 4. Bridgette Monet, Crystal Sheldon

* Scene 5. Bridgette Monet, Crystal Sheldon, John Leslie

* Scene 6. Ron Jeremy

* Scene 7. Kimberly Carson, John Leslie

* Scene 8. Tanya Lawson, Ron Jeremy

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