500 Person Sex (2006)

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500 Person Sex 2006 description

500 Person Sex (2006)

Director:Yukitsugu Tsuchiya


Cast:250 Female / 250 Male



Synopsis:500 Person Sex, also known as A Milestone in History!! (First in human history! 500 SEX!!) Is an Award-winning Adult Video.Produced by SOD is known for its sometimes outrageous and creative Products.

500 Person Sex features 500 people having Sex in The same room.Despite the \"orgy\" label, the 250 couples featured in the video have sex only with each other and not with any other couple.The couples, enter a large studio and spend the next two hours in a Variety of acts including Sexual Foreplay, Mutual Masturbation, oral Sex and Intercourse. The unique aspect of The production is that each couple performs all The Sex acts in a choreographed manner in synchronization with all The Other couples.

Imagine going into a large room and see 500 people giving oral sex and screwing their brains out! Largest ever group sex extravaganza! 250 girls and 250 guys go at it together in a large warehouse. Every sexual action is in sync, so be prepared to fall off your chair from this crazy feature. Japanese people sure are the craziest people in the world!

The most unbelievable part? NONE of these people are porn stars!!!

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